Our Story

Our mission is to provide high-quality natural supplements that help improve the health and well-being of our clients. We are convinced of nature’s healing powers and only work with partners who share the same passions as us. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing practices with botanical and formulation expertise, we’re able to deliver products that not only help people live longer lives but also make them feel confident, healthy, and ultimately better. We take pride in having consistently done this in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

When you order from Smart Cookie Solutions, you can be assured that your supplements are produced by one of the most trusted names in the nutraceutical industry. We use a powerful blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals designed for a specific purpose whether it’s to feel more energized, think more clearly, lose weight, or be more resistant to certain conditions. No matter what your health needs may be, Smart Cookie Solutions can help you achieve your goal and meet your true potential.

Our Process

We take a balanced approach to health and wellness by combining the strengths of both orthodox and alternative medicine. As a result, we’re able to deliver only the most effective, safe, and potent supplements.

We start with the ingredients. Before it gets to the lab, we first scour for the highest quality materials all around the world making sure that they are backed by extensive clinical research and proven results. We also test each ingredient for heavy metals and chemicals, and then assess its purity and concentration. This is to make sure that the supplement is safe to use. We then have a third-party lab perform a second assessment to ensure consistent quality of our products.

Once the ingredients and formulation has been verified, the manufacturing begins in our FDA-inspected facilities. Experienced and trustworthy professionals handle the manufacturing process to ensure that Good Manufacturing Practices are observed. Health is no laughing matter and we put the same amount of care into our formulation and manufacturing process just as you do with your body.

Why Smart Cookie Solutions


When you purchase a supplement from Smart Cookie Solutions, you can expect nothing but full transparency. The ingredients you see on each product’s label are exactly what you get --nothing more, nothing less. Our staff only use the purest ingredients in controlled concentrations to achieve the best possible quality. We do not use fillers or junk but only the purest, most potent natural ingredients backed by extensive research and verified by a trusted third-party lab. We also do not use artificial additives, chemical fillers nor do we add gluten, dairy, wheat, nuts or eggs.

Customer Service

No company would be successful without the support of its customers. At Smart Cookie Solutions, we take that to heart and ensure that each customer is taken care of. We don’t just stop at delivering high-quality natural products but also stand ready to answer any questions you may have.

We understand the industry is tainted with false information, so we strive to be different from the rest by providing you with the most accurate information in a helpful way. You can trust that our customer service representative will help you with any concerns you may have about the product and treat you with utmost respect. This doesn’t just stop at our customers. We also treat our team members, suppliers, and partners with the same level of high regard. If not for their expertise and collaboration, the products you enjoy from Smart Cookie Solutions today would not be possible.


We at Smart Cookie Solutions are proud of the quality of our products. We create the formula inside a state-of-the-art cGMP certified laboratory using quality, science-backed ingredients with the best potency. In addition, our products are manufactured following the strictest manufacturing process to ensure quality and safety. We’re not happy until you are.

cGMP Certified

Our laboratories are certified by the Natural Products Association’s GMP Program. The cGMP is a third-party certification program for manufacturing dietary supplements and ingredients. They inspect manufacturing facilities making sure that cleanliness, staff training, equipment maintenance, record keeping, and handling of raw materials are up to their specifications. You can be assured that every Smart Cookie Solutions supplement you buy is manufactured by a company that follows the highest of standards.

Thank you for trusting Smart Cookie Solutions. We're excited to be a part of the journey to a better, healthier you.